Somnath Temple, Junagad Gujarat

Somnath temple is the temple of lord Shiva located in city of Somnath or prahbas patan. Temple was named after moon god Chandra or Soma who was worshiping lord Shiva hear in the form of linga. This temple was destructed many times by muslim looters/ invaders who are attracted to the temple due to enormous wealth of temple.

Shiv puran says that Lord Soma was favoring one wife over the other, both are daughter of Daksha prajapati, whne Daksha prajapati came to know about this he cursed Soma to vanish. Later the wives of Soma and lord Sati who was future wife of lord Shiva approached the markandeya rishi who had suggested to chant Mrityunjaya mantra which lead to reduced the ill effects of Daksha prajapati’s curse and due to the same Chnadra wax and wain.


Somnath Temple, Junagad Gujarat
Somnath Temple, Junagad Gujarat


This temple was was destructed many times but temple restored its glory again. Before independence this temple was part of princely state of Junagad and the king of Juagad decided to accede to Islamic republic of Pakistan but Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel refused to accept this accession and sent Indian Army and acceded Junagad into India and at the same time ordered for reconstruction of the temple. This due to sincere efforts of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel today we can see this glorious temple stand high at the coast of Arabian sea. Else it could be another temple like lord Sri Ram temple in Ayodhya. Where Sri Lord Ram is under the tent in the Hindu majority state of India. You can see the statue of Patel is just before the temple, this is true tribute to sri Patel ji.

Best time to visit: Wintry months October to March

How to reach:

Air – The nearest airport from Somnath is Keshod, 55 km away and linked to Mumbai. Regular buses and taxis are available between Keshod and Somnath.


Rail – The nearest railhead is seven km away at Veraval, which is connected by train to Ahmedabad (Karnavati) and some other cities in Gujarat.


Road – State transport corporation buses and private coaches run regular service to other cities in the region. Somnath is connected by a good road network to the other nearby places like Veraval 7 km.


Local transport: Private taxis, Auto rickshaws, Chhakadas, and buses are all available to move around Somnath and the other place in the vicinity.


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