Hi, First of all I would like to thank you for coming to this page. My name is Shiv, small town boy graduate from NIT Raipur in Chemical engineering but never opted for profession in the same field. Worked in different startups based in Gurgram, Bangalore, Hyderabad. As you may know the best part of working in startup is work culture and flexible leave pattern.  Which allowed me to work without taking leaves for months and later taking all leaves cumulatively i.e. leave for 15-20 days at a time.

By taking long leaves I went on to deep Himalayan villages, various national parks and protected sanctuaries across the country Deep into the western ghat forests and some time to understand and feel the cultural diversity of the country.
Shiv Prasad DevadaUnderstanding cultural diversity will give you the clear picture of word “Multiculturalism” . Which is pure myth in complete sense, not only in Indian perspective but in world arena also.

When I am not travelling I work in internet marketing domain, mainly in Search Engine Optimization.

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